Gulf Pride Seafood

The Factory Building #9
230 Franklin Road
Franklin, TN 37064
Tennessee's Largest Fresh Seafood Retailer


Phone (615) 599-4923
Fax (615) 591-4913
Email - gulfprid@bellsouth.net


Fish whole or filets cut to order, shrimp by the pound in different sizes, heads on or off,
clams, mussels and scallops, whole fish, oysters in the shell or shucked,
lobster alive or cooked, king crab and snow crab clusters.

Seasonal live crawfish by the pound or sacks. Pre-order sacks of crawfish to save money. We also offer all the seasonings you'll need for the perfect crawfish boil. We have large pots available to rent to make your crawfish boil a hit!

Providing Nashville, Franklin and surronding areas with the freshest seafood in Tennessee.