Our Free live music is done for the season, but that's no reason to stay home! Raul is making amazing Crawfish Etouffee & White Beans & Sausage! Or try fresh Mahi fish and chips, Mahi tacos, or our Grilled, Blackened or Fried Fresh Trout!

Fresh oysters for the holiday season! Raw in the shell or by the pint, quart or gallon! Come get em!

Our very own J.D. Johnson is adding a new title to his list of restaurateur, caterer, owner of Middle TN largest Seafood distributor and now….Carp Buster. 

Asian Carp is a highly aggressive species that is rapidly invading our local waters. Gulf Pride Seafood is involved in supporting the eradication of this invasive species. In March of 2013,  J.D.